Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Detective Receives Letter of Gratitude from South Boston Resident

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, the Boston Police Department received a letter of thanks from Mr. Dan Hurley on behalf of his mother, a resident of South Boston, expressing gratitude to BPD Detective Robert Charbonnier for going above and beyond the call of duty while working a paid detail in South Boston. 

“To whom it may concern, 

Sometimes, only the bad incidents seem to make headlines, so I wanted to send you a police officer’s random act of kindness.  

On 2/25/2019, a police detail was being used at East 5th Street and Cutler Court in South Boston, for a Verizon work location. My 82-year-old mother lives on the corner of the court, and has for over 65 years. She was up early and wanted to run a few errands, as she likes to say, driving to do her weekly food shopping, and post office run. When she returned home, she attempted a right hand turn into the Court, to pull into her yard, where she has off street parking. She completely forgot about the scheduled work. As she started to pull in, she saw a police officer, who put his hand up to stop her, as there were trucks and workers he was protecting. She stopped, and the officer approached her window and politely explained that she could not proceed.  My mother asked if she could just park her car in the yard, that she had forgotten about the work, and would not be venturing out the rest of the day. The gentleman said absolutely, viewing the groceries in the car. The officer asked my mother if she wanted help carrying them in, which she accepted. The officer then carried my mother’s groceries into the house and placed them where she wanted them. Unfortunately, she did not ask him his name. He then asked her if she needed anything else and went on his way. I really wish that she had asked him his name, or got a badge number so I could thank him, however she did not. I figured that it would not be that hard for you to look into who that detail was, and let him know that I wanted to thank him for being so kind. Thanks in advance.” 

To Mr. Hurley, who took the time to send us this gracious letter, and his mother, we at the BPD say: “Thank you for thanking us!”