​​​Great Work Recognized: State Police Crime Lab Criminalists Receive Commissioner’s Commendation


Great Work Recognized: Congratulations to Criminalists John Drugan, John Biello, Jessica Brown and Rebecca Daner from the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory who were awarded Commissioner’s Commendations during a ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Criminalists Drugan, Biello, Brown and Daner from the Arson and Explosives Unit of the Massachusetts State Police have worked on gunshot residue cases for the Boston Police Department for the past 12 years. These years of work resulted in at least 700 cases and numerous testimonies in Suffolk County Courts. They performed in-depth, scientific work without hesitation and with the most honorable quality work ethic. They were also instrumental in assisting with the Boston Police Crime Lab validation and training for gunshot residue. The Boston Police Crime Lab is grateful for the support they have received and partnership formed between both agencies and labs.

For their concerted efforts, which helped to bring each case before the court, aided in the prosecution of numerous felons, all are awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.