Safer Boston: BPD Officers Recover Unattended Firearm Found in Laundry Room

Investigation Update: Suspect in Custody After BPD Officers Recover Unattended Firearm Found in Laundry Room: At about 6:33am, on Friday, March 22, 2019, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to a call for a group of males making noise and causing a disturbance in the area of 954 Parker Street in Jamaica Plain. On arrival, officers observed three males quickly exit the laundry room and disappear into the building. In light of the hasty departure, officers conducted a protective sweep of the laundry room. While searching the room, officers observed a black jacket resting on top of one of the laundry machines. While lifting the jacket, officers immediately felt the weight of an object consistent with that of a firearm. Upon looking in the pocket of the jacket, officers were able to discover and recover a loaded black Smith & Wesson 40 Caliber Firearm. After rendering the weapon safe, officers transported the firearm to the Ballistics Unit for further follow up.