Great Work Recognized: Officers Assigned to District B-2 (Roxbury) Honored for Their Actions in the Line of Duty

Great Work Recognized: While on patrol recently in District B-2 (Roxbury) Officers Joseph McMenamy and Robert Lemire located an adult male victim who stated that he had just been stabbed while pointing at a suspect vehicle as it pulled into a nearby driveway. Both officers immediately ran towards the suspect motor vehicle while Officer Conner Murphy, who was working a paid detail in the area, rendered necessary aid to the victim. In order to stop the bleeding, Officer Murphy utilized his department issued raincoat to apply pressure to the victim’s wounds until EMS arrived on scene. Simultaneously, Officers McMenamy and Lemire were able to apprehend two suspects after a brief struggle as they attempted to flee the motor vehicle. The officers later recovered a knife and other physical evidence from one of the suspects.

 The immediate response and seamlessly coordinated efforts by these three officers resulted in potentially life saving treatment of the victim on scene and the arrest of two dangerous individuals.

 For their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.