Duckling Trapped in Sewer Rescued by BPD Officers with Help from Boston Water and Sewer

Make Way for Ducklings: At about 12:15 PM on Thursday, May 23, 2019, Officers Dany Matos and Isaac Jackson, who were passing by, were alerted by witnesses of a mother duck leading her ducklings in the middle of Tremont Street in Roxbury. The witnesses ushered the ducks from the left lane to the sidewalk across from BPD Headquarters, stopping traffic to make sure they did not get hit on the busy motorway. While moving the brood, one of the ducklings fell into the sewer. Officers requested Boston Water and Sewer Commission to assist in moving the sewer cover and retrieving the trapped duckling. With the assistance of Boston Water and Sewer, the duckling was rescued from the sewer and safely placed into a box with the other eleven ducklings. The ducks were transferred to Jamaica Pond by Boston Animal Control.