Great Work Recognized: Longest Active Detective Receives Number 1 Detective’s Badge

SHE’S NUMBER ONE IN OUR BOOKS: On Thursday, May 9, 2019 Detective Carmen Rodriguez from the Domestic Violence Unit was presented with the Number 1 Detective’s Badge marking her as the first female to be honored as well as the longest tenured active duty detective. Having joined the BPD approximately forty years ago, Detective Rodriguez worked in Area C and Area D as a police officer before eventually receiving the rating of detective in 1985. With over thirty-four years as a detective, Rodriguez has worked on hundreds of cases during multiple assignments throughout the BPD including the Drug Control Unit, Bureau of Neighborhood Services, Area B, Area E, Crimes Against Children, and the Domestic Violence Unit where she has served since 2011.

Detective Rodriguez is the first female detective to receive the number 1 badge, a significant honor bestowed upon her by Commissioner Gross who said “with almost forty years as a member of the BPD, Detective Rodriguez is a dedicated detective who has made a name for herself as a hard worker throughout her illustrious career, and it is my honor to present her with the number 1 detective’s badge. As the first female to be presented with this badge, this distinction could not be awarded to a more capable, charismatic, or courageous woman and I thank you for your continued service.”