Community Spirit was in High Supply at Last Night’s Flashlight Walk on District C-6 in South Boston

FLASHLIGHT WALK: Thanks to everybody who turned out for last night’s Flashlight Walk on District C-6 in South Boston. As you can see in the photos, community spirit and positive energy were in high supply and easy to see as our officers interacted with the residents of South Boston. Make no mistake, Flashlight Walks were created to bring people together while giving our officers and those we serve the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with each other, as well as, issues of concern impacting their neighborhood. Our officers had a great time meeting, listening to and connecting with so many concerned and compassionate community members and we can’t wait ‘til the next event. Flashlight Walks are all about coming together as a community and the District C-6 Flashlight Walk certainly achieved that goal.

Thanks again to everybody who made it a point to attend last night and if you know someone who’d like to attend a future Flashlight Walk, please call the BPD's Neighborhood Watch Unit at (617) 343-4345 or send an email to: