Thank You for Thanking Us: Letter of Gratitude Received for Officers Assisting Mother and Son in Boston

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Thank You for Thanking Us: On Thursday, September 19, 2019, the Boston Police Department received a letter of thanks from a mother and her son, Aiden, expressing gratitude to BPD Officers  for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

“Just wanted to thank 3 of your amazing officers!! Unfortunately, I did not get their names but they were walking down Van Ness St over to Fenway when I was on the street at 11am.

My son had just had one of his many frequent appts at children’s hospital and we found out about a place called Eats by Chloe which is a vegan restaurant and my sons got life threatening allergies to dairy and egg and at 7 has gotten a donut or treats but only once in his life!

I was told by a parking attendant I couldn’t park on the street and my son is currently recovering from low oxygen and an ER admission so he can’t walk far distances. These 3 officers talked to us and helped me park and watched my car while we ran in. These officers don’t even know the extent of his health and allergy issues but just were genuinely kind and I don’t think they truly realize what they did for us today!

It meant the world to us both!!

My son brought them each a vegan donut to say thank you, but I can’t thank them enough!! They made something great possible for us and taught my son about kindness and how wonderful police officers are!!

Sorry for the long story I just was so moved by them!” 

To Aiden and his mom, who took the time to send us this gracious letter, we at the BPD say: “Thank you for thanking us!”