BPD Recruit Class #58-18 Completes Final Class Run Two Days Before Graduating from the Boston Police Academy

BPD Recruit Class #58-18 Completes Class Run Two Days Before Graduation: Two days before they get sworn in as police officers, today, Monday, June 17, 2019, the members of BPD Recruit Class #58-18 completed what has become a rite of passage running from the Boston Police Academy to Boston Police Headquarters where they were greeted by Commissioner William Gross who welcomed the class of over 115 recruits to the ranks Boston Police Department. Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center located at 415 Summer Street in South Boston. At which time, Commissioner Gross will administer the Oath of Office whereby the members of Recruit Class #58-18 will be officially inducted and sworn in as the newest members of the Boston Police Department. An exciting day to say the least. Of course, we wish each and every member of Recruit Class #58-18 the best of safety and success in the years to come as they embark upon a rewarding career of public service protecting and serving one of the greatest cities in America.   

BPD in the Community: BPD Partners with the Bruin’s BFit Program for a Presentation at Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 members of the Bureau of Community Engagement and recruits from Class 58-18 made a visit to the Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester for a presentation on the negative effects of bullying in the community. Partnered with the Boston Bruin’s BFit Program, which focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle through maintaining a proper nutrition and participating in physical activities, a joint presentation emphasized the importance of healthier living for school aged students.


Progress Report for Boston Police Academy Recruit Class #58-18

Progress Report for Boston Police Academy Recruit Class #58-18: Last Monday, December 3, 2018, over 100 police recruits showed up at the front doors of the Boston Police Academy located at 85 Williams Ave in Hyde Park to begin a 6-month training regimen that enables those who complete it to join the ranks of the oldest, proudest and most professional police department in the country. As you can see in the photos, the recruits are already being challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. The training is absolutely no joke and is widely considered one of the most rigorously comprehensive training programs in the country. But to those who are up to the challenge and can push through to the finish line that is graduation day, the promise and opportunity to protect and serve the citizens of Boston awaits. To all the members of BPD Recruit Class #58-18, we say, “Keep up the great work.”