BPD in the News: Officers McNulty and Tavares Invited to Headline News "On the Story"

On Monday, February 4, 2019 Boston Police Officers Stephen McNulty and Kim Tavares were live guests on HLN’s (Headline News) "On the Story!" While speaking with Host Mike Galanos, Officers McNulty and Tavares talked about their impromptu Sunday night performance of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” following the New England Patriots Sixth Super Bowl victory!

BPD in the News: The Ruffin Society Holds Reception In honor of Boston Police Commissioner Gross

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, The Justice George Lewis Ruffin Society held a reception in honor of Boston Police Commissioner William Gross.   

The Ruffin Society works to build a better relationship between minorities and the criminal justice system and was founded 1984 in response to dwindling numbers of minority police officers in the Boston Police Department. Its goals are to create greater understanding and communication between minority communities and the criminal justice system through annual convocations, events, courses, workshops and "The Long Road to Justice" traveling exhibit which documents the history of African Americans in Massachusetts.  Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, Cambridge Police Commissioner Branville Bard, Director of The John D. O’Bryant African American Institute, Richard O’Bryant and a host of others were on hand to enjoy the celebration.

Rosalyn Expected to Hug her Way into the Hearts of Boston Police Officers Tomorrow

Photo credit: Rich Hein/ chicago Sun-Times

Rosalyn Baldwin is a very special girl on a mission. This 7-year-old girl from Louisiana has been traveling America on a quest to hug police officers in all 50 states, and tomorrow we are excited to get our hugs! At about 11:00 AM tomorrow, July 26, 2018, Rosalyn will join BPD officers, Transit officers, and Suffolk County sheriffs at Boston Police Headquarters to send around some love and brighten our day! Go to RosalynLoves.com for more information on her mission.

BPD in the News: Thank you to the Boston Herald for highlighting the BPD’s “Summer with the Women in Blue” Camp

Photo by Boston Herald Staff Faith Ninivaggi

Photo by Boston Herald Staff Faith Ninivaggi

BPD IN THE NEWS: Thank you to Boston Herald reporter Kathleen McKiernan for highlighting the BPD’s new summer program, “Summer with the Women in Blue,” aimed at building trust between youths, specifically girls, and police. Officers from Boston, along with others from Wellesley, Brookline, the Massachusetts State Police and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, have all volunteered to work with the thirty middle-school-aged kids in the “CSI”-style camp, developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement and Boston Centers for Youth and Families. During the camp, female officers teach the girls about processing a crime scene, self-defense, forensics, and much more. “We’re trying to be those positive role models,” said BPD Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston. “We use the power of our badge to create an opportunity for young girls. We grew up just like them. We went to the same Boston Public Schools. We are them. We are just the older version of them.”

For Kathleen McKiernan’s full story, click this LINK.

BPD in the News: Thank you to the Boston Globe’s Danny McDonald for attending and highlighting BPD archivist Margaret Sullivan’s presentation on ‘the most significant event’ in Boston Police history

BPDOfficerDarbyGoode circa1919 2.jpg

Last night, Thursday, June 7, 2018, the Boston Police Department’s records manager and archivist Margaret Sullivan made a presentation to a small group at the Boston Public Library’s Copley location detailing the Boston Police strike of 1919, possibly the most significant event in the history of the Boston Police Department. 

On September 9, 1919, Boston police officers went on strike in hopes of gaining long-promised improvements in wages and working conditions, which at the time were stagnant and subpar. Of 1,544 men, 1,177 walked off the job. None of the strikers ever worked as Boston police officers again.

Sullivan is now gathering a group of volunteer genealogists to document and preserve the lives of the over 1,100 officers involved in the highly influential strike that had lasting effects on the City of Boston and across the U.S. She hopes to reveal her results on the centennial of the strike on September 9, 2019. For Danny McDonald’s full story in the Boston Globe, click on THIS LINK.

#ICYMI: Iconic BPD Bullpen Cop Steve Horgan Talks Retirement, Risotto and Chocolate Pudding with WCVB's Maria Stephanos

#ICYMI: Almost 5 years ago, BPD Officer Steve Horgan became a cherished part of @RedSox history when he struck a pose few will ever forget during Game 2 of the 2013 ALCS vs the Detroit Tigers. This year signals Steve's last in a Boston Police uniform and the Red Sox bullpen. Earlier tonight, he sat down with @WCVB @mariastephanos to talk retirement and the culinary quest the iconic #BPD Bullpen Cop hopes to pursue when his policing days are over.

To watch the full story as it appeared on WCVB Channel 5, please click on enclosed link:


BPD in the News: Special thanks to NBC10’s Ally Donnelly for her tribute to Officer Jeremiah Hurley, a Bomb Squad Officer who was killed in the line of duty in October of 1991


Special thanks to NBC10’s Ally Donnelly for her recent tribute to Officer Jeremiah Hurley who was killed in the line of duty approximately 27 years ago protecting and serving the citizens of Boston. On October 28, 1991, the 23-year veteran, who at the time was a member of the BPD’s Bomb Unit, lost his life as a result of injuries suffered while handling and attempting to diffuse an explosive device found in a Roslindale neighborhood. In June of 2017, the BPD Harbor Unit recognized Hurley’s service and sacrifice by naming one of the department’s patrol boats in his honor. Fittingly, Hurley’s daughter, Leanne, and son, David, both Boston Police Officers, now patrol the waterways of Boston in the very boat named after their father. For the full story, please click on the enclosed link.   


BPD in the News: Special thanks to the Boston Globe for writing about BPD's recent confiscation of a .357 Magnum in Dorchester and the arrest of the individual caught carrying it

BPD in the News: Special thanks to the Boston Globe for highlighting BPD’s recent confiscation of a .357 Magnum firearm in DOT and the arrest of the individual who thought it was okay to carry it around. Said Commissioner Evans, “Taking a dangerous individual like this and the threat he represented given the firearm he possessed off the streets of our community most certainly makes our city a safer place. Couldn't be more proud of my officers."

To read the full story as it appeared in the Globe - please click on the link below: 


BPD IN THE NEWS: Thanks to the Globe for today's story detailing the BPD’s ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence in our city

Thanks to the Boston Globe for the recent coverage detailing the BPD’s seizure of four guns and three arrests in less than 6 hours. Said Commissioner William Evans, “I continue to be impressed by my officers’ courage and never-ending commitment to keeping our city safe. Taking four guns off the streets is a significant achievement that most certainly makes our community safer, and I applaud my officers for the dedication and devotion that goes into protecting our city while bravely confronting those who think it’s okay to carry unlawful firearms in our community.”

To read the full story as it appeared in the Boston Globe, please click HERE.

BPD in the News: BPD William Gross Recounts his Journey to Becoming the First Black Chief of the Boston Police Department

Boston Police Department Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross tells Boston 25's Chrystal Haynes what he brings to the Boston community as the city's first black police chief and how he got to where he is today--by relying on the advice of his grandmother and by having empathy, sympathy, care, and respect for everyone he meets. For the full story, click on the link below:


BPD in the News: BPD Captain Kelley McCormick Gives Family a Lift Home...to Portland, ME


Thank you to Jeremy Fox of the Boston Globe for highlighting Boston Police Captain Kelley McCormick's spontaneous good deed this past Saturday afternoon. On Saturday, January 6, 2018, two Boston police officers were approached by Wendi and Kevin Malenfant and their 19-year-old daughter, Kori, in North Station, who were looking for a place to put their luggage while they found somewhere to keep warm. The Malenfant family explained that they were making the trip home to Portland after visiting New York for Kori's brain surgery when they missed their connecting train in Boston by five minutes. The officers contacted the captain for instructions, and not only did Captain McCormick give them a place to put their luggage and warm up, but he personally drove them in his cruiser all the way back to their car in Portland. For the full story, click this LINK.

The Globe found the story after seeing Kori's ORIGINAL POST on Facebook.

BPD IN THE NEWS: Commissioner Evans Names Superintendent Colm Lydon to Oversee the BPD’s Bureau of Intelligence & Analysis

Today, Tuesday, November 28, 2017, Commissioner William Evans announced the promotion of Colm Lydon, a 35-year veteran of the department, to the rank of Superintendent in charge of the BPD’s Bureau of Intelligence & Analysis which includes supervision of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center which collects, analyzes and shares crime-fighting data with law enforcement partners on the local, state and federal level. Said Commissioner Evans, “I couldn’t think of a better guy to take over the Bureau than Colm. I have nothing but the utmost respect and confidence in his ability to keep our city safe and, there is no question in my mind, he’s going to do a great job.”

Said the newly promoted Lydon, “I’m thankful and humbled by the opportunity to serve the department and the city in this new position. Public safety is our number one priority and I’m grateful to be part of the ongoing effort to keep the city of Boston, its residents and everyone coming into Boston safe.”

To read the full article as it appeared in the Globe, please click on the enclosed link:


BPD In The News: The Dorchester Reporter Introduces Bowdoin Street Walking Beat, BPD Officer Pereira

Photo by Bill Forry/Dorchester Reporter

Meet Boston Police Officer Paulo Pereira, the District C-11 (Dorchester) officer who is a staple on Bowdoin Street--patrolling on foot, protecting the people of Dorchester, and building community relationships. For the full story from the Dorchester Reporter, click on the link below:


BPD IN THE NEWS: Thanks to the Herald for Highlighting the Story of a Life Saved and the BPD Officers Who Made It Happen

Thanks to Jordan Graham for telling the story of a life saved and the #BPD officers who made it happen. Per Commissioner Evans: "The work done by Officers Rockwell and Bosse most certainly underscores and substantiates the selflessness, sacrifice and dedication to serving others that can be found in all of my officers. Saving a life is one of the greatest achievements any police officer can have and, for the rest of their careers, Officers Rockwell and Bosse will have this day to be proud of."

To read the full story - please visit the link provided below:


BPD in the News: "Vietnam, in Black and White" by Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

Yesterday, September 11, 2017, on a day of remembrance, Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe wrote of two marines, educator Roger Harris of Roxbury and retired Boston Police Officer Jack Joyce of South Boston, two very different men who fought together for their country in Vietnam, reminding us that patriotism can unite us despite our differences. For Cullen's full story, click on this link:

"Vietnam, in Black and White" by Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

BPD IN THE NEWS: Hand-in-Hand Art Exhibit Unveiled at Boston Police Headquarters

Thanks to the Boston Globe for covering today’s unveiling of the Hand-in-Hand Art exhibit at Boston Police Headquarters. The exhibit, which is done in partnership with Medicine Wheel Productions, underscores and celebrates the BPD’s ongoing commitment to break down barriers in an effort to bring our cops and young people in our community closer together. Said Deputy Nora Baston: “Be it an art exhibit or basketball court, we'll meet kids anywhere to break down barriers to build better relationships." Since the program’s inception, over 100 Boston Police Officers have participated.

To read more, click on the link below:


BPD in the News: "Sometimes there is crying in baseball" --Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

handout photo

handout photo

BPD Chief William Gross and the entire Boston Police Department could not have been more humbled to greet and escort our fellow NYPD officers from the 46th Precinct, colleagues of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia who was shot in the head while on duty on two weeks ago, to the Yankees v. Red Sox game at Fenway Park on Sunday afternoon. As dividing as the Boston-New York rivalry may be, most officers will agree that there's nothing like it to bring brothers and sisters together in a time of grieving. We once again extend our heartfelt condolences to all of our fellow officers in the 46th Precinct and the NYPD for the loss of a great officer, mother, and person. For Kevin Cullen's Boston Globe story, click the link below:


BPD in the News: BPD Officers "Buzz Off" for Cancer

Yesterday, Boston Police officers got a cool, clean shave for the summer in order to raise money for a good cause. As part of the annual Buzz Off For Kids event by One Mission, the officers buzzed each other's hair off to show solidarity for kids with cancer who may not have a choice about their hairstyle. For the full video, click on the CBS Boston link.

BPD in the News: Commissioner Evans Had an Awesome Time Zip-Tripping with Boston25 News this Morning!

A big thank you to Boston25 News for having Boston Police Commissioner William Evans and the BPD officers from District E-5 (West Roxbury) on TV this morning while they Zip-Tripped to West Roxbury! As you can see from the pictures, the Commissioner had an awesome time meeting everyone there and even tried to recruit a big, lovable, 190-pound dog to our K-9 unit! 

BPD in the News: Officers Want Kids on the (Tennis) Courts, Not in the Courts

A huge thank you to Susan Tran of NBC Boston for her coverage of the Boston Police Tennis Program "Volley Against Violence." Each Friday night, Officer Frank Williams and his fellow officers play tennis with over 100 kids from Southie, Eastie, Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain, not only to build police and youth relationships but to provide positive activities that will keep kids on the right path and off the streets. Said Officer Williams, "In tennis we say, 'Ready position—racket back, turn and step, follow through.' That's life—preparation, focus, finish. If you do those three things in tennis, you hit the ball straight. If you do those three things in life, you can only be successful." 

For the full story, click THIS LINK.