Commissioner Gross Praises Local Merchants for Heroic Effort that Saved the Life of a Drowning Man in South Boston

Commissioner Gross Praises Local Merchants for Heroic Effort that Saved the Life of a Drowning Man in South Boston: It was well after midnight on a freezing cold night in mid-January when three employees from Lolita Cocina Restaurant in South Boston heard a call for help from the nearby pitch-black waters of the Fort Port Channel that enabled them to forever etch their names in the pantheon of heroic Good Samaritans. At approximately 2:24am, on Saturday, January 12, 2019, Ehsan Syed, an employee at the Lolita Cocina Restaurant at 253 Summer Street in South Boston, was standing outside the restaurant, which borders the Fort Point Channel, when he heard what sounded like a male voice calling for help from the water. With air temperature reading a bone-chilling 15 degrees, Syed knew whoever was in the water most certainly did not have time in his favor. As such, Mr. Syed quickly summoned two of his fellow employees to help him scan the surface of the channel’s dark waters in an effort to pinpoint the exact position of the voice. In short time, Mr. Syed, with help from co-workers Jacob Lewandowski and Santos Arevalo-Flamenco, was able to locate and rescue a man from the water. After pulling the man to safety, Syed and his co-workers quickly realized that the man was not breathing. Quickly transitioning into life-saving mode, they turned the man onto this side, opened his mouth and cleared his airway. All breathed a collective sigh of tremendous relief upon seeing the man throw up a large amount of water while rediscovering his breathing. The co-workers then retrieved towels from inside the restaurant to help dry and warm the victim. The victim was subsequently treated by paramedics and transported to an area hospital for further care in the Intensive Care Unit. According to the medical personnel and the officers who responded to the scene, there is little chance the victim would have survived were it not for the heroic efforts of Mr. Lewandowski, Mr. Syed, and Mr. Arevalo-Flamenco. To say these civilians displayed amazing levels of courage, conviction and bravery during this incident is an understatement. While facing an extremely stressful and dangerous situation under very adverse weather conditions, all three remained cool, calm and collected while putting their own safety at risk in order to save the life of another. For these reasons, Commissioner William Gross was honored to present Mr. Lewandowski, Mr. Syed, and Mr. Arevalo-Flamenco with a Commissioner’s Commendation for bravery.

Great Work Recognized: BRIC Analyst Receives High Praise for His Role in Catching Serial Armed Robber

GREAT WORK RECOGNIZED: For several months, starting in mid-January and ending in early July, a masked man with a gun robbed and terrorized twenty-four commercial establishments throughout the Greater Boston area. But, thanks to the BRIC's (Boston Regional Intelligence Center) Senior Intelligence Analyst, Brett Loycano, the suspect in this case never got a chance to rob store #25 due to Loycano's ability to deftly identify and discern an M.O. in the robberies that ultimately led to the suspect's undoing and eventual capture.

During the investigation, Loycano received high praise for his ability to connect-the-dots while  gathering, coordinating and streamlining intelligence reports to eight different police departments including several districts in Boston who were impacted by the series of masked armed robberies. Although no one had yet been injured in any of the incidents, police officials feared it was only a matter of time before someone was. The two different firearms brandished by the suspect during the crime spree were widely thought to be real and, as such, most feared it was only a matter of time before an innocent clerk, shop keeper or bystander would find themselves standing face to face with a suspect unafraid to threaten the use of deadly force.

Meantime, officers and detectives were able to tighten the net on the suspect's movements and location, due in large part to Loycano's continuous updates and guidance. Moreover, a task force was formed and convened on Monday, July 2, 2018, during which a PowerPoint presentation, created by Loycano, was shared with all impacted law enforcement agencies highlighting the suspect's movements, tendencies and inclinations. Unbeknownst to the masked suspect, his days were numbered and his next robbery would likely be his last. 

On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the masked suspect would rob a Somerville convenience store at gunpoint while using an older black Mercedes as his get-a-way car. The suspect's use of the black Mercedes proved to be his final and fatal mistake, as detectives from the BPD Special Investigations Unit had made direct mention of the suspect's use of an older black Mercedes during previous robberies. In light of the new info, Somerville PD put out an all-points bulletin on the vehicle and a responding unit took note and captured the license plate. Armed with the plate information, authorities were able to take one giant step closer to getting their man. 

On Thursday, July 5, 2018, the Boston Police SWAT Team executed a search warrant in Roxbury where the man behind the mask was located and arrested. 

For his significant contributions, insight and guidance during the investigation, Brett Loycano is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Said Superintendent Colm Lydon, commanding officer of the BRIC, "Although much of what they do is behind the scenes, this isn't the first time Brett, like many of our other highly talented BRIC analysts, has played a crucial role in making our city safer and helping us solve crime. And, it certainly won't be the last."   

Great Work Recognized: BPD Officer Rec Garners Commissioner's Commendation for Gun-Related Arrest in Dorchester

RECOGNITION: Officer Dennis Layden of District C-11 (Dorchester) was recently awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation for remaining cool, calm and collected during an incident on April 1, 2017 that led to three arrests and the recovery of a firearm. When Officer Layden attempted to stop a motor vehicle in the area of Neponset Ave and Adams Street, the operator of the vehicle knowingly ignored the officer and his effort to stop the car. A few blocks later, however, all three occupants ditched the car and attempted to make good their escape. Meanwhile, Officer Layden calmly and clearly broadcast descriptions of all three suspects. In short time, responding officers were able to locate and apprehend all three suspects. Additionally, a search of the suspects enabled officers to recover a loaded firearm and a large quantity of a Class A Drug (Crack Cocaine). For his courage, composure and commitment to keeping Boston safe, Officer Layden is deservingly and appropriately awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation. From all of us here at the BPD to Officer Layen, we say: “Thanks for keeping us safe.”

BPD Says Thank You to the MGH Doctors Who Saved the Lives of Officers Involved in the East Boston Shooting Incident

BPD Says Thank You to the MGH Doctors Who Saved the Lives of Officers Cintolo & Morris: Nearly three weeks after Boston Police Officers Richie Cintolo and Matt Morris were shot responding to a domestic disturbance in East Boston, today, Thursday, November 3, 2016, Police Commissioner William Evans gladly and gratefully presented and issued a Commissioner's Commendation and a heartfelt thank you to the doctors who saved their lives. Today, in front of a standing room only audience inside the Media Room at Boston Police Headquarters, Commissioner Evans personally thanked Dr. George C. Velmahos, Dr. David King and the entire Massachusetts General Hospital Trauma Team for all their efforts in saving the lives of Officers Cintolo and Morris who were both shot multiple times during the incident and arrived at the doors of Mass General Hospital with a bleak prognosis in need of immediate life-saving care. Upon receiving the award, Dr. Velmahos and Dr. King were moved and humbled by the ensuing standing ovation afforded them by all in attendance. As both doctors accepted the commendation, they made sure to point out that they were accepting the award on behalf of the entire MGH Trauma Team. Said Commissioner Evans, "On behalf of the entire Boston Police Department, I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all those who gave my officers the tremendous attention and care that saved their lives. It is truly my honor and privilege to recognize the MGH Trauma Team and all those who provided the life-saving care that enabled my officers to go home to their families."