Great Work Recognized: BPD Peer Support Unit Honored for Supporting the Health and Well-Being of Boston’s Finest


Great Work Recognized: On Wednesday September 18, 2019, the Boston Business Community held their 7th Annual “Honoring Our Heroes Night” at the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square to benefit the Boston Police Foundation. During the ceremony, members of the BPD’s Peer Support Unit were honored for their ongoing efforts to support the health and well-being of Boston’s Finest.  The Boston Police Peer Support Unit was created to help police officers better understand and process the emotional and physical stressors that adversely impact their health and wellness given their steady exposure to traumatic experiences including line-of-duty shootings, high-speed pursuits, physical altercations, injuries and personal tragedies.


Great Work Recognized: BEST Team Clinician Kimberly Hula and Officer Devon Cornelius Honored at Boston Police Headquarters


Great Work Recognized: Earlier today, on Thursday August 22, 2019, Commissioner Gross presented commendations to BEST Team Clinician Kimberly Hula and Police Officer Devon Cornelius, assigned to District C-11 (Dorchester), for their ongoing efforts to further develop the Boston Emergency Services Team (BEST) Co-Response Program. Over a four-week period, Officer Cornelius and Ms. Hula worked together as a unit dedicated exclusively to calls involving mental health issues, tracking critical information for each response and conducting proactive follow-ups when appropriate.

This partnership has provided immeasurable benefits to our officers as well as the community at large while connecting those in need with necessary services.

For their efforts and tireless dedication, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: BPD Officers Recognized for their Efforts at the 4th Annual PAARI Awards in Gloucester

Great Work Recognized: On Wednesday June 26, 2019, Deputy Superintendent Michael Stratton, Lieutenant David Murphy, Sergeant Peter Messina, Officer Josh DeLisle, Officer Joshua De La Rosa and Officer Daniel Harlow were honored to be among this year’s recipients for the 2019 PAARI Law Enforcement Leadership Award. PAARI, the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative, was founded in 2016 and has grown into a national movement involving nearly 500 law enforcement agencies who believe in treatment over arrest and incarceration. Since its inception, the program has helped more than 20,000 people take their first steps towards recovery. We thank PAARI for recognizing the efforts of our officers as we salute them for their compassion and commitment to helping those in need.


Great Work Recognized: Officers Assigned to District B-2 (Roxbury) Honored for Their Actions in the Line of Duty

Great Work Recognized: While on patrol recently in District B-2 (Roxbury) Officers Joseph McMenamy and Robert Lemire located an adult male victim who stated that he had just been stabbed while pointing at a suspect vehicle as it pulled into a nearby driveway. Both officers immediately ran towards the suspect motor vehicle while Officer Conner Murphy, who was working a paid detail in the area, rendered necessary aid to the victim. In order to stop the bleeding, Officer Murphy utilized his department issued raincoat to apply pressure to the victim’s wounds until EMS arrived on scene. Simultaneously, Officers McMenamy and Lemire were able to apprehend two suspects after a brief struggle as they attempted to flee the motor vehicle. The officers later recovered a knife and other physical evidence from one of the suspects.

 The immediate response and seamlessly coordinated efforts by these three officers resulted in potentially life saving treatment of the victim on scene and the arrest of two dangerous individuals.

 For their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: School Traffic Supervisors Awarded Commissioner’s Commendations for Assisting During Fire in East Boston


Great Work Recognized: Congratulations to School Traffic Supervisors Joan Barbarisi and Toni Piemonte for their actions during the following incident: 

At about 3:05 PM on March 15, 2019 School Traffic Supervisors Barbarisi and Piemonte were assigned to their post at Bennington Street and Ashley Street in East Boston when they noticed heavy smoke coming from a building at 1141 Bennington Street. While crossing children from the Curtis Guild School, they immediately began to divert the children away from the smoke. Both Barbarisi and Piemonte remained on scene for hours keeping pedestrians and vehicles away from the smoke and fire until the scene was under control. 

For their dedicated efforts, outstanding work, and sheer selflessness, School Traffic Supervisors Barbarisi and Piemonte are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation. 


Great Work Recognized: Captain, Sergeant and Officers Awarded Commissioner’s Commendations for Recovering a Firearm Outside of a Nightclub Downtown


Great Work Recognized: Congratulations to Captain Robert Ciccolo, Sergeant Peter Chu, and District A-1 (Downtown) Officers Michael Paillant, Michael Andrade, Sarah Drew and Sarah Jane Hassan-McDaid for their actions during the following incident:

At about 1:10 AM on March 2, 2019, officers received information that two individuals had returned to ICON nightclub in the area of 100 Warrenton Street, one of whom was armed with a firearm, following a fight. Officers Andrade and Hassan-McDaid assisted Officer Paillant while he attempted to speak with one of the males, who had returned to the nightclub and was standing near the entrance. During a violent struggle with the suspect, Officer Hassan-McDaid observed a black magazine containing ammunition fall from the suspect’s clothing onto the ground. While struggling with the male, Captain Ciccolo, Sergeant Chu and Officer Drew responded to the scene and assisted in placing the male under arrest. Captain Ciccolo subsequently recovered a firearm from the suspect.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of these officers, this suspect and a firearm were removed from the streets and possible future violence was averted. 

For their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: Civilian Tyler Bovitch Honored for Contributions and Support During BPD Investigations


Great Work Recognized: Earlier today, on Thursday April 18, 2019, Commissioner Gross presented a commendation to Boston Police civilian Tyler Bovitch, assigned to the BPD Forensic Group. Mr. Bovitch was recognized for his contributions to a number of investigations conducted by the BPD Homicide Unit’s Fatal Collision Investigative Team.  For his professionalism and continued support, he is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: Katherine Gallant of the Detective Joe Gallant Memorial Foundation Honored by Commissioner Gross


Great Work Recognized: Congratulations to Katherine Gallant and her family who run the Detective Joe Gallant Memorial Foundation. This is the 5th year that the foundation has supported BPD and those we serve. This year they have donated $10,000.00 to the Boston Police K-9 Unit. The Gallant Family continues to support BPD initiatives for the benefit of officers and the communities we serve.  

For her continued dedication to the BPD and her extraordinary work with the community, Kathy Gallant of the Detective Joe Gallant Memorial Foundation is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation. 


​​​Great Work Recognized: State Police Crime Lab Criminalists Receive Commissioner’s Commendation


Great Work Recognized: Congratulations to Criminalists John Drugan, John Biello, Jessica Brown and Rebecca Daner from the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory who were awarded Commissioner’s Commendations during a ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Criminalists Drugan, Biello, Brown and Daner from the Arson and Explosives Unit of the Massachusetts State Police have worked on gunshot residue cases for the Boston Police Department for the past 12 years. These years of work resulted in at least 700 cases and numerous testimonies in Suffolk County Courts. They performed in-depth, scientific work without hesitation and with the most honorable quality work ethic. They were also instrumental in assisting with the Boston Police Crime Lab validation and training for gunshot residue. The Boston Police Crime Lab is grateful for the support they have received and partnership formed between both agencies and labs.

For their concerted efforts, which helped to bring each case before the court, aided in the prosecution of numerous felons, all are awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: Officer Receives Commissioner's Commendation for Disarming Man with a Knife in Jamaica Plain


Congratulations to Officer Zi Zhou on earning a Commissioner's Commendation for his actions in the following incident:

In November of 2018, Police Officer Zi Zou assigned to District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to the area of 1550 Columbus Avenue and observed two men fighting outside the Jackson Square MBTA station, with one attempting to stab the other. The suspect armed with a knife fled into the Mildred Hailey Housing Development with Officer Zou in pursuit. The suspect turned to face the officer. Officer Zou gave commands for the suspect to drop the knife but he refused. With only several feet separating them, Officer Zou made the calculated decision to attempt to disarm the suspect and pinned the suspect, as additional units arrived to assist. The suspect was disarmed and placed under arrest. It was later determined that the suspect was possibly an emotionally disturbed person and had randomly pulled a knife on the victim. Thanks to the actions of Officer Zou, the suspect was stopped and prevented from causing serious bodily injuries to other innocent people, while at the same time, ensuring for a medical evaluation of the suspect. For his actions, Officer Zou is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: Several Officers and BEST Team Clinician Awarded Commissioner's Commendation


 This commendation is for Officers Edward Gately, Meghan Walsh, Daniel Harlow and James Verderico, District D-4 and BEST Team Clinician Lauren Sneider. 

On January 11, Officers Gately, Harlow and Verderico and Civilian Sneider responded to a 9-1-1 call for a female threatening to jump out of her bedroom window.  Officers attempted to gain entry, but the door was locked and they heard crying, yelling and the sound of glass breaking. They forcibly entered the bedroom and immediately observed the victim ¾ of the way, head first, out of the top window.  They raced in and grabbed on to her lower legs, having to break a portion of the bottom window frame, and finally after a struggle, were able to pull the victim back in.  Once inside, the victim was calmed down by Officer Walsh and BEST Clinician Sneider and she was transported to the hospital for treatment. If not for their quick actions the outcome of this call would be extremely different.

 For their actions, they are hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Great Work Recognized: BPD Officers Honored with Commissioner’s Commendations for Their Bravery in the Line of Duty While Subduing an Armed Suspect in Dorchester


Great Work Recognized: On Thursday December 13, 2018, Commissioner William Gross awarded commendations to Sergeant Thomas Brooks and Police Officers Salvatore Calabrese, David Lateigne, Stephen Puopolo, Robert Robichaud and Kevin Rooney for their actions in the line of duty when confronting an armed suspect.

At about 2:34 AM on Thursday, October 11, 2018, officers assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) responded to a radio call for drug activity which resulted in the arrest of one male and the recovery of a loaded firearm in the area of 20 Ames Street in Dorchester. On arrival, officers observed a motor vehicle with a rejected inspection sticker and approached to speak with the operator. While doing so, officers also spoke to an adult male passenger seated in the rear of the vehicle who appeared to be extremely nervous, with his chest visibly moving up and down. When the passenger began to clutch at an unknown object on the right side of the waistband area of his pants, the officers asked both parties to step out of the vehicle. The driver complied and exited the vehicle but the passenger refused, instead choosing to lock the door and roll the window up while continuing to clutch the still unidentified object. Officers repeatedly gave the male verbal commands to exit the vehicle which he refused. Fearing that the suspect was armed, officers forced their way into the vehicle by breaking a window at which time a violent struggle ensued. Officers were eventually able to gain control of the suspect and recover a loaded handgun from his pants.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of these officers, this suspect and a firearm were removed from the streets and possible future violence was averted. 

For their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: BPD Officers Honored for Their Actions in the Line of Duty After Recovering Three Loaded Firearms While Arresting Three Suspects in Roxbury


Great Work Recognized: Earlier today, on Thursday December 13, 2018, Commissioner William Gross presented commendations to Police Officers Christopher Dunn, Marc McBrien, Joseph Starkey, Brian Stallings, John Beauchemin, Kyle McCabe, Connor Murphy, Michael Kerin, and Jason Gaffney for their heroic actions in the line of duty.

At about 2:28 AM on Monday November 26, 2018, officers assigned to District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested three suspects and recovered three loaded firearms during a traffic stop in the area of 407 Dudley Street in Roxbury. Officers had stopped a motor vehicle, which was occupied by three male subjects, as part of an investigation when they confirmed that the driver was operating with a suspended license. When the officers explained the situation to the operator, he became argumentative and suddenly reached down towards his feet and grabbed a handgun from the floor of the vehicle. A violent struggle then ensued as numerous officers responded to provide back up. Officers were eventually able to gain control of both the firearm and the suspect at which time he was placed in custody. Officers then removed two passengers from the vehicle who were both pat frisked and found to be in possession of loaded firearms before being placed in custody.

Their actions resulted in the arrest of three potentially dangerous individuals and the removal of three illegal firearms off of our streets.

For their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation. 


Great  Work Recognized: BPD Drug Control Officers Arrest Suspect Armed with Two Knives During Confrontation in Roxbury


Sergeant Detective Dennis Cogavin and Police Officers Daren Bradshaw, Patrick Flaherty and Charles Moore, assigned to the District E-13 Drug Control Unit, recently arrested an armed suspect while defusing a potentially violent confrontation in the area of 1990 Columbus Avenue in Roxbury. The officers were conducting a drug investigation in the area when they observed a male suspect armed with two knives chasing a male victim on the opposite side of the street.

The officers immediately responded, sprinting across the street to intervene. Officers ordered the suspect to drop the weapons and placed him in custody without further incident after he complied. The suspect was later arraigned in West Roxbury District Court on numerous charges including Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.

Officers Bradshaw, Moore, Flaherty and Sergeant Detective Cogavin are commended for their professionalism in the face of an armed suspect and courage while preventing a possibly deadly street encounter. These officers managed to successfully place an armed individual under arrest during an extremely volatile incident without harm to any parties involved, officers or bystanders.

 For their efforts they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Great Work Recognized: Commissioner's Commendation Awarded to EMS Lieutenant

untitled-3 (2).jpg

On August 4th, 2018 at about 4:29 AM, officers assigned to District C-6 received a radio call for a commercial alarm, with glass breaking in the area of 120 Boston Street, the location of DJ’s market.

An employee stated the market was closed and she was working inside. She heard the sound of glass breaking in the front area of the store.  The employee activated the stores panic alarm, and called the owner of the market, who was close-by.

The owner observed 2 suspects fleeing from the store, getting on bicycles and riding off in the direction of Mt Vernon Street, with property taken from the store.

Boston EMS Lieutenant Calter was on patrol when he heard the sound of breaking glass and then observed both suspects flee from the store. Lieutenant Calter saw suspect #1 fall from his bicycle and immediately restrained the suspect.  He was found to be in possession of a plastic trash bag filled with lottery tickets and packs of cigarettes, that were later found to have been taken from the store.

Arriving officers took suspect #1 into custody charged him with B & E of a commercial building, nighttime.

Lieutenant Calter is commended for his actions in apprehending a dangerous felon while on duty alone and unarmed. For his dedicated efforts, Lieutenant Calter is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Great Work Recognized: BPD Officer Michelle Maffeo Receives Henry L. Shattuck Public Service Award

On Tuesday October 2, 2018, the 33rd Annual Henry L. Shattuck Public Service Awards Ceremony was held in the Seaport District, honoring nine members of the community for their dedicated service to the City of Boston. During the ceremony, Officer Michelle Maffeo was recognized for her ongoing efforts with the BPD Street Outreach Team to bring care and compassion to those in need. Congratulations to Officer Maffeo for this distinguished honor and best wishes for your continued success.

Please click HERE to read the Boston Municipal Research Bureau’s full release.


Great Work Recognized: Several Officers Awarded Commissioner’s Commendations for Outstanding Police Work

Earlier today, on Thursday September 6, 2018, several members of the Boston Police Department were awarded Commissioner's Commendations during a ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters.


Commendation #1: At about 6:52AM on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Officers Kenny Joseph, William Flores and Timothy Mills responded to a call for an armed home invasion in Charlestown. Officers immediately observed and stopped a suspect matching the given description and placed him in custody after being positively identified. Officers continued their investigation and later determined that the suspect had also broken into two motor vehicles and a shed prior to his arrest.

Due to the quick response of Officers Mills, Flores and Joseph the suspect was charged with home invasion, two counts of breaking and entering to a motor vehicle, and breaking and entering to the shed. Their combined efforts and hard work resulted in the removal of a violent criminal from the streets of Boston. 

For their efforts they are hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Commendation #2: Senior Intelligence Analyst Hailey McCall from the Boston Regional Intelligence Center conducted a multi-jurisdictional investigation into a string of ATM breaks in the Boston area, surrounding communities and neighboring states. Analyst McCall developed bulletins and worked to bring awareness to several jurisdictions while connecting the appropriate agency investigators on the local, state and federal level as leads came in during the investigation.

As a result, 176 indictments were returned by an Essex County Grand Jury charging 4 individuals with numerous offenses, including habitual offender sentencing enhancements requiring a maximum sentence of 15-20 years if convicted.  

Analyst McCall’s work showcases what is possible with high quality analytic support to a complex multi-jurisdictional investigation.

For her efforts she is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Commendation #3: Earlier this year, a resident of East Boston came into District A-7 (East Boston) to report that her 14-year-old daughter had been missing for 12 days. Detectives Richard Casallas and Miguel Montesino began an extensive search in East Boston for any friends or associates who may have information about the missing girl. The detectives learned that the missing girl was travelling with two adults and was currently in Miami, Florida. Detectives contacted Special Agent Lina Awad from the Department of Homeland Security who coordinated with Special Agents Rafael Albuernes and Kelly Hughes in the Miami area who were able to safely locate the missing teen. The missing girl was assisted and eventually transported back to Boston and reunited with her mother.

For their dedicated and collaborative efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Great Work Recognized: BRIC Analyst Receives High Praise for His Role in Catching Serial Armed Robber

GREAT WORK RECOGNIZED: For several months, starting in mid-January and ending in early July, a masked man with a gun robbed and terrorized twenty-four commercial establishments throughout the Greater Boston area. But, thanks to the BRIC's (Boston Regional Intelligence Center) Senior Intelligence Analyst, Brett Loycano, the suspect in this case never got a chance to rob store #25 due to Loycano's ability to deftly identify and discern an M.O. in the robberies that ultimately led to the suspect's undoing and eventual capture.

During the investigation, Loycano received high praise for his ability to connect-the-dots while  gathering, coordinating and streamlining intelligence reports to eight different police departments including several districts in Boston who were impacted by the series of masked armed robberies. Although no one had yet been injured in any of the incidents, police officials feared it was only a matter of time before someone was. The two different firearms brandished by the suspect during the crime spree were widely thought to be real and, as such, most feared it was only a matter of time before an innocent clerk, shop keeper or bystander would find themselves standing face to face with a suspect unafraid to threaten the use of deadly force.

Meantime, officers and detectives were able to tighten the net on the suspect's movements and location, due in large part to Loycano's continuous updates and guidance. Moreover, a task force was formed and convened on Monday, July 2, 2018, during which a PowerPoint presentation, created by Loycano, was shared with all impacted law enforcement agencies highlighting the suspect's movements, tendencies and inclinations. Unbeknownst to the masked suspect, his days were numbered and his next robbery would likely be his last. 

On Tuesday, July 3, 2018, the masked suspect would rob a Somerville convenience store at gunpoint while using an older black Mercedes as his get-a-way car. The suspect's use of the black Mercedes proved to be his final and fatal mistake, as detectives from the BPD Special Investigations Unit had made direct mention of the suspect's use of an older black Mercedes during previous robberies. In light of the new info, Somerville PD put out an all-points bulletin on the vehicle and a responding unit took note and captured the license plate. Armed with the plate information, authorities were able to take one giant step closer to getting their man. 

On Thursday, July 5, 2018, the Boston Police SWAT Team executed a search warrant in Roxbury where the man behind the mask was located and arrested. 

For his significant contributions, insight and guidance during the investigation, Brett Loycano is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Said Superintendent Colm Lydon, commanding officer of the BRIC, "Although much of what they do is behind the scenes, this isn't the first time Brett, like many of our other highly talented BRIC analysts, has played a crucial role in making our city safer and helping us solve crime. And, it certainly won't be the last."   

Great Work Recognized: BPD Officers Garner Commissoner's Commendation for Recovery of Several Firearms


Earlier today, July 12, 2018, officers Robert Robichaud and David Lanteigne, assigned to District B-3, were presented with a Commissioner's Commendation. The officers have been responsible for the recovery of at least 6 firearms within the past 4 months, and have provided a steady flow of intelligence to the district in regards to ongoing gang related violence. The officers perform at a high level, while continuing to work with a B-3 initiated community program at the Department of Youth Services Center as part of their commitment to the youth and the community.

In a most recent incident, the officers were monitoring firearm activity in an impacted area. The officers worked with detectives from the gang unit to develop probable cause for a search warrant. Subsequent to the search warrant, while continuing to monitor that same recently impacted area, they heard a distant gunshot and went towards it, only to find the subject of their investigation. The suspect was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm.

For their continued efforts to address crime on the district and their success in removing firearms from the streets of Boston, they are each hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Great Work Recognized: Officers Assigned to District A-1 Arrest Charlestown Bank Robbery Suspect


At about 11:21AM on Thursday, June 28, 2018, officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a call for a bank robbery in progress at the Cambridge Savings Bank, located at 1 Thompson Square, Charlestown. Upon arrival officers learned that a white male, 5’8”to 6’, wearing a white ski mask, white gloves had just robbed the bank and fled on foot.  The money stolen contained a GPS tracker and was being tracked in the area of Laurel Street and Cedar Street moving toward Bartlett Street.

Officers patrolling the area of Bartlett Street began following the GPS directions being broadcast by the 911 dispatcher. While on Bartlett Street approaching Walker Street, officers observed one white male, about 5’8”, wearing a red jacket and black pants, walking across Walker Street beside the Clarence R. Edwards Middle School. Officers observed the suspect as he continued to check back over his shoulder. Upon seeing the approaching Boston Police cruiser, now about 10 feet from him, the suspect, later identified as, Robert Brady, 40, of Charlestown, immediately broke into a sprint, running away from the approaching officers. The officers engaged in a foot pursuit and commanded Brady to stop.  Officers observed a large bundle of US Currency partially stuffed in Brady's front pants. Robert Brady was placed under arrest for Armed Bank Robbery.

Officers recovered an undisclosed amount of US Currency, 2 GPS tracking devices, and 1 torn money band.

Robert Brady will be arraigned in Charlestown District Court.