Thank You For Thanking Us: Boston Marathon Runner Makes Special Delivery to BPD Headquarters


Thank You For Thanking Us: Two weeks after the 123rd running of the Boston Marathon, a grateful runner made a special delivery to BPD Headquarters. On race day at the finish line, officers were made aware that a runner was in need of an escort to a nearby hospital due to a time sensitive medical emergency involving a young child. Officers located the individual and immediately provided her with transportation to her destination. Earlier today, on Monday April 29, 2019, she arrived with a box full of specially made marathon and police related treats which were gladly accepted. For this thoughtful act of kindness, we say, thank you for thanking us. 


Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Detective Receives Letter of Gratitude from South Boston Resident

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, the Boston Police Department received a letter of thanks from Mr. Dan Hurley on behalf of his mother, a resident of South Boston, expressing gratitude to BPD Detective Robert Charbonnier for going above and beyond the call of duty while working a paid detail in South Boston. 

“To whom it may concern, 

Sometimes, only the bad incidents seem to make headlines, so I wanted to send you a police officer’s random act of kindness.  

On 2/25/2019, a police detail was being used at East 5th Street and Cutler Court in South Boston, for a Verizon work location. My 82-year-old mother lives on the corner of the court, and has for over 65 years. She was up early and wanted to run a few errands, as she likes to say, driving to do her weekly food shopping, and post office run. When she returned home, she attempted a right hand turn into the Court, to pull into her yard, where she has off street parking. She completely forgot about the scheduled work. As she started to pull in, she saw a police officer, who put his hand up to stop her, as there were trucks and workers he was protecting. She stopped, and the officer approached her window and politely explained that she could not proceed.  My mother asked if she could just park her car in the yard, that she had forgotten about the work, and would not be venturing out the rest of the day. The gentleman said absolutely, viewing the groceries in the car. The officer asked my mother if she wanted help carrying them in, which she accepted. The officer then carried my mother’s groceries into the house and placed them where she wanted them. Unfortunately, she did not ask him his name. He then asked her if she needed anything else and went on his way. I really wish that she had asked him his name, or got a badge number so I could thank him, however she did not. I figured that it would not be that hard for you to look into who that detail was, and let him know that I wanted to thank him for being so kind. Thanks in advance.” 

To Mr. Hurley, who took the time to send us this gracious letter, and his mother, we at the BPD say: “Thank you for thanking us!”


Thank You for Thanking Us: Captain McCormick and District A-7 Officers Receive Thank You Letter from East Boston Central Catholic School

THANK YOU: The Boston Police Department received a letter of gratitude and appreciation from the East Boston Central Catholic School and the Chavarria Family. On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, officers assigned to District A-7 (East Boston), MBTA, State Police, Revere Police, MDC, Massport, and EMS, provided an escort to a student battling Leukemia. To Principal Casaletto, the Chavarria Family and the East Boston Central Catholic School community, we at the BPD say: “Thank you for thanking us!”

October 2, 2018

Boston Police Department


69 Paris Street

East Boston, MA 02128 

Dear Captain Kelley McCormick.  

Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for the love and support you and your officers provided to East Boston Central Catholic School in support of our Cristopher’s Angels walk. 

Cristopher was diagnosed with Leukemia back in June and his doctors are optimistic that he will be okay, but he will be faced with three years of treatments. Right now, Cristopher is strong and able to attend school, but we don’t know for how long. We, as a school community, wanted to do something for Cristopher and his family.  

We decided to walk from our school to his house in Revere. At first that seemed like a nice idea, but not really something we could pull off without help. I reached out to Officers Derek Russo and Gary Marino who immediately jumped on board and brought me directly to you. To me, I felt like my requests were a little too much, but you went above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined.  

If your efforts to coordinate support from the MBTA, State Police, Revere Police, MDC, Massport, EMS, and the number of Boston officers on bikes and in vehicle were not enough, you also took the time out of your very busy schedule to walk the entire way with us. The escort back to school for Cristopher and his family is something that they will never forget! 

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels and you and your officers were truly our Guardian Angels. East Boston is lucky to have a Captain like you at the helm.  

On behalf of the Chavarria family and the entire EBCCS family, THANK YOU! 


Robert Casaletto


For a link to the video, please click here.


Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Officers Enjoy Special Delivery from Students and Staff of the Condon School in South Boston


This morning, on Monday June 25, 2018, 5th grade students and staff from the James Condon Elementary School stopped by District C-6 in South Boston to deliver cards, posters and cupcakes as a way of thanking our officers for another safe school year. We wish them very best for their thoughtfulness before they head off to a great summer as we say, “Thank you for thanking us!”

Thank You for Thanking Us: A grateful mom in W. Roxbury sent the following letter of appreciation to the Commissioner’s Office

ThankYouforThankingUs: The following letter of appreciation was recently sent and warmly received by the Commissioner’s Office. The letter from a grateful mother in West Roxbury reads as follows:

“On Monday, April 23, my 23-year-old daughter was cooking and the oil in the pan caught on fire and, as a result, caused 2nd degree burns to her arm. She was home alone at the time. She called the police and fire and both departments responded to her home. However, my daughter tells me that one officer, a female officer on the West Roxbury police force (assigned to District E-5), was one of the kindest individuals she has ever met. The officer stayed with my daughter then locked up the home for us. My daughter was transported by ambulance to Brigham & Women's Hospital. Not only did the officer stay with my daughter, she even returned the next day. I know this because when my daughter arrived home, there was a ‘Get Well’ balloon and a card from the officer. The card read, "Hope your recovery is swift with many well wishes. Officer Younger" Honestly, how many people do this? Kindness like this does not happen very often, and I would like to recommend that the officer receive some sort of recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty. My daughter is studying at Northeastern in the Graduate Nurse Practitioner program and the kindness shown by Officer Younger, not only set an amazing example, but it also showed my daughter that ‘kindness and caring’ is what it is always about. Many, many, many thanks to Officer Younger of District E-5 from a grateful mother and her daughter in West Roxbury.”

Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Officers Can't Stop the Feeling of Gratitude in Response to Thoughtful Gesture Outside Justin Timberlake Concert

#ThankYouForThankingUs: Earlier this evening, Wednesday, April 4, 2108, three officers protecting and serving music fans filing into and attending tonight’s Justin Timberlake concert at the Garden, were pleasantly surprised and greatly appreciative to the anonymous community member who graciously picked up the tab for the officers’ food order during their dinner break at the Tasty Burger on Nashua Street. Upon receiving the bill, officers noted a hand-written note atop the check which read: “Enjoy dinner! Thanks for what you do! Go Sox!” Said one of the officers, “Whoever paid the bill didn’t need to do that but a small gesture like that really means a lot and reminds us just how much people appreciate what we do and how lucky we are to protect and serve a city like Boston.”  

Thank You for Thanking Us: BPD Officers Receive a Thank You Letter from Grateful Victim of Attempted Break-In

Yesterday, four BPD officers were commended for their professional and compassionate actions while responding to an attempted break-in. Although for these officers, 911 calls such as this are all in a day's work, it's not often they are recognized for their deeds. So to Maureen for writing the following, we say, "Thank you for thanking us!"

Police Commissioner Evans,

I returned home from Thanksgiving weekend away to what was an attempted robbery of my home. Three units were rapidly dispatched to my home - two plain clothes officers and two other patrol cars with uniformed officers. All four officers were professional and respectful, but more than anything, very caring and attentive to my situation. I was in shock as to what I found, and they checked to see that my house was empty and assured me the perpetrator didn't gain access.

I want to say how proud I am to have such great officers on duty serving people like me. Unfortunately, I was too distraught to get their names, but all four deserve a great big thank you from their superiors as well as from me. Please give them high marks for their work. 

All the best and keep up the great work! 


Thank You for Thanking Us: Community member takes time to recognize two big-hearted cops in JP, District E-13 Officers Billy Jones & George Kayes

Officer Billy Jones (left) and Officer George Kayes (right) are assigned to District E-13 in Jamaica Plain

BPD especially proud of District E-13 Officers Billy Jones and George Kayes and the community member who took the time to write the following: “If you live in Jamaica Plain then you probably recognize these two lovable, affable, congenial fellows! These two police officers serve and protect 02130, and they maintain order and prevent mayhem. But you’d be mistaken if you thought that was the extent of it. If you think there just two Boston cops walking the beat, let me tell you, there’s way more more substance to this pair than you can imagine!!! So, on this, Day #22 of GRATEFUL NOVEMBER, I give you Community Service Officers George Kayes & Billy Jones of the BPD and my heart! I first got to know George & Billy while attending JP's weekly Tuesday Hot Dog Night on South Street. Sure, they’d eat a frankfurter while attending the event, but deep down in my heart and soul, I know that these two came for way more than just the food. They came for the kids of the neighbor who were hungry for some positive attention and great role models. When George & Billy show up in their cruiser, the kids go crazy!!! Cheering and yelling that Officer George and Officer Billy have arrived. These guys make it a point to learn these kids' names, to understand their circumstances, and to interact with them in the kindest and gentlest way. George & Billy spend every summer Tuesday evening demonstrating by example to the youth of Jamaica Plain that the police are in place to guide and help, not reprimand and criticize. George & Billy have HUGE personalities and even bigger capacities to love. And they spread it among all of these kids who adore, revere, and honor this duet in return. So for all that and then some, I say thank you George and Billy for giving of yourselves to Boston's most impressionable youth.”

Every Good Deed Deserves a Proper Thank You!

On Saturday, June 17, 2017, young students from an unknown school dropped off several “Police Officer Survival Kits” full of candy for our officers at BPD Headquarters. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch the name of the school where these thoughtful students attend. So, if you are the kids who drew these amazing drawings and took the time to bring us a sweet snack, let us know—we’d like to say thank you for thanking us!!

Thank You for Thanking Us!

This morning, the BPD received the following email and attached picture from a thankful South Boston resident. This child’s smiling face made this officer’s day just as much as he made hers—and for that we say, thank you for thanking us!

“On the way to the Tall Ships on Saturday my family rounded Farragut Road onto Broadway where we were encountered this wonderful policeman who asked my niece (age 3 1/2) and nephew (age 6) if they wanted to drive his cruiser. As you can see Anya took him up on his offer.

The police officer could not have been kinder and funnier. Anya and Jack (although he opted not to get into the cruiser - he was too busy pushing Anya's stroller) told everyone at the Massport Marine Terminal about her police car experience.

My family just wants to express what a great job your men and women did on Saturday and are doing every day.”

Thank You For Thanking Us: Mom Captures Great Photo at the Corrib 5K in West Roxbury

The BPD would like to thank the thoughtful mom who sent us this photo of her adorable 4 year old son posing with a few of our officers at the Corrib 5K Road Race in West Roxbury yesterday and for her kind words:

"These REAL superheroes totally made this little guy's day!"

We know that not all superheroes wear capes but by the looks of this picture, it appears that the young and fashionable ones certainly do. Our thanks for letting us share this great picture and thank you for thanking us.

Thank You For Thanking Us: Students from Dorchester Area Parishes Send a Message of Thanks to Commissioner Evans and the Boston Police Department

Last week, on Tuesday December 13, 2016, Father John Currie stopped by Boston Police Headquarters to deliver a message of thanks on behalf of students from area parishes in Dorchester.  Father Currie presented Commissioner Evans with posters which were signed by children from Saint Peters, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Holy Family and Saint John Paul II parishes as well as a beautiful cake which simply stated, “Thank You BPD.”  To Father Currie and all of the thoughtful young people who took time to share their gratitude we say, thank you for thanking us.


Thank You For Thanking Us: Mount Ida Students Bring Words of Encouragement & Thanks (And Candy!) to BPD Officers


In the evening hours of last night, a few students from Mount Ida College entered Boston Police Headquarters carrying a token of their appreciation. Their "thank you" to officers came in the form of little bags of candy attached to notes of gratitude and encouragement. The candies and notes may have been small but the gesture was huge. To those thoughtful Mount Ida Students who visited us on a Friday night, we say, “Thank you for thanking us!”

Thank You For Thanking Us: Students from the Edwards School Stop by with Thoughtful Cards and Care Packages for the Officers of District A-15 in Charlestown

Earlier today, on Wednesday November 23, 2016, students from the Chance R. Edwards Middle School in Charlestown dropped by the District A-15 station to surprise the officers on the day before Thanksgiving.  As the students were thinking about all they are grateful for going into this holiday season, they decided to bring thoughtful cards and notes of thanks to the officers who protect and serve them every day.  The officers loved the humorous care packages which came with a witty explanation for why certain candies were inside.   Our sincere thanks to the students and staff of the Edwards School for making our day a little brighter.


Thank You for Thanking Us: A little appreciation goes a long way

Thank You for Thanking Us: About a week ago, a police officer was working a paid detail in the South End when an elderly gentleman approached, struck up a conversation and politely asked if it would be okay to shake the officer’s hand. Yet, before extending his own hand, the elderly man explained, “Officer, I know it’s a dangerous world we live in and I really respect what you guys do and the fact that you can never let your guard down ‘cuz it’s so difficult to distinguish the good guys from the bad ones. But, if it’s okay by you, I’d like to shake your hand so as to thank you for what you do.” The officer quickly and warmly obliged and as the two men clasped hands, the elderly man presented the officer with a business card (see photo) and told the officer, “Put it in your wallet, officer, and when you’re having a bad day, give it a glance and remember there are a lot of people out here who appreciate what you guys do.” The officer, humbled by the encounter, thanked the man and the two went about their separate ways. But, every now and again, the officer takes a second to reach into his wallet to glance at the card which reminds him that – even though police work can often be a thankless job – there are a lot of people out there thankful for the job we do.   

Thank You For Thanking Us: Cyclist Rides Cross Country to Thank Police Officers – Ends His 4,500 Mile Journey at BPD Headquarters

“Twice Across America, The Thank You Tour” came about during the fall of 2015 when Bill Morin set off on a 4,500 mile ride with the mission of saying thank you to every law enforcement officer, firefighter and military member he met along the way.  Earlier today, on Wednesday September 7, 2016, the BPD Bicycle Unit escorted Bill to Boston Police Headquarters where his lengthy journey came to an end.  We would like to thank Mr. Morin for his tremendous gesture of kindness and for choosing to make his last stop here with us.


Boston Red Sox and Boston Area Church League Honor District B-3 Community Service Officer Cynthia Brewington

Boston Red Sox and Boston Area Church League Honor District B-3 Community Service Officer Cynthia Brewington: Ask anyone who knows Officer Cynthia Brewington and they'll tell you they weren't surprised to learn that she was recently recognized as one of our city's distinguished community leaders at the 14th Annual Community Fellowship Luncheon hosted by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Area Church League at the Back Bay Hilton Hotel in Boston. Those who know her best say she's one of the most considerate, compassionate and personable police officers in the city and, if there's an event going on in the city designed to make our city a better place, Cynthia's going to be involved. With her sunny disposition and electric smile, Cynthia positively impacts every person she meets and every community event she attends. Throughout the year, she can be found working with community members at churches, senior citizen and youth centers all over the district. More than anything else, she cares about people and making sure the relationship that exits between families and the police officers sworn to protect and serve them is as positive and productive as it can be. Said Brewington: "I'm a people person. I love making a difference in my community and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do what I do everyday as a member of one of the best police departments in the country." Because of her ongoing dedication and devotion to the people who live in the neighborhoods of District B-3, Cynthia Brewington was an easy choice for the Boston Area Church League's Distinguished Community Service Award. And, from all of us here at the BPD to Cynthia - we say: "Thanks for making us all proud." 

Thank You for Thanking Us: YMCA Toddlers and Preschoolers Give Cards and Gifts to BPD Officers!

A big thank you to the preschoolers and toddlers from the YMCA-BPD Day Care who spent the past few days making cards and goody bags for the Boston police officers who diligently patrol the area and protect them!

The officers loved the heartfelt cards that listed in the kids’ own words how the children believe officers help them. And sweetest of all, the youngsters explained that inside the goody bags were, among other treats, Lifesavers “for all the times you’ve been one,” Smarties “to give you wisdom for those split second decisions,” and gum “to help everyone stick together!” 

Thank You for Thanking Us and Reminding Us that the Future Still Burns Bright in Boston

Commissioner Evans was having coffee early this morning (Wednesday, July 20, 2016) outside the Dudley Café at 15 Warren Street in Roxbury when a young family approached and asked if they could take a picture with the Commish. As you can tell by the enclosed photo, the Commish was more than happy to oblige. Best of all, during the interaction, the father of the young family turned to the Commish and, after thanking him and promising to pray for the safety of all our officers during these incredibly dangerous and difficult times, shared with him the fact that his 11 year-old nephew Jeremiah informed him that one day he hopes to be a wrestler, football player and a police officer. To Jeremiah – we say: “If the wrestling or football playing careers don’t work out, there’s always room for a great kid on one of the greatest police departments in the country.” 

Thank You for Thanking Us: Brookline 5th Graders Show Appreciation to BPD Officer Involved in Motorcycle Crash

Yesterday, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans accompanied Officer James Scopa from the Boston Police Special Operations Division and Brookline Police Chief Dan O'Leary to the Pierce School in Brookline for a visit with a very special class of fifth graders. The reason for the visit was described best by Brookline Lieutenant Philip Harrington:

A few months ago, the students were on a trip to the Science Museum in Boston when they witnessed Officer Scopa involved in a motorcycle crash while performing a police escort for a motorcade. The students were outside when they saw parents and a teacher rush to the aid of Officer Scopa and stand by him until EMS arrived. Many of the students witnessed the crash and felt terrible about the event. After being made aware of the students’ involvement, Officer Scopa agreed to stop by the school and show the students he was okay and had returned to work. He spoke to the kids about bike and skateboarding safety, stressing the importance of wearing their helmets—his helmet helped save his life during that crash. He also pointed out the importance of people coming to the aid of others in need. Officer Scopa was very appreciative of the adults who helped him that day, all of whom are trained in the medical field (two are doctors, one a nurse, and another an EMT).

Commissioner Evans presented each of the adults with plaques of appreciation, while each of them expressed gratitude for the work Officer Scopa does every day and for his taking time to meet with the students. As they so succinctly stated, “Gratitude goes both ways.” Thank you, Pierce School students, adults, and Brookline Chief O'Leary, for your support and kind words for Officer Scopa!