Public Service Counter

A public service initiative aimed towards strengthening the connection between the police and community members by allowing easy access to police-related services.

The goal of this effort is to provide improved police-related customer service. The Public Service Unit/Counter allows residents to access police services in a more convenient, streamlined manner. Customers will be able to obtain copies of police reports, have ink fingerprints taken, apply for a wide variety of licenses and permits.

Boston Police Reports:

Police Reports can be obtained the following ways:  

·      In person,  Must have a valid ID with Photo

Customer Service Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

Tuesday (open later hours) 

Main Phone: 617-343-4633 
Fax #: 617-343-5106


Boston Police Department Headquarters 
Licensing Division / Public Service Unit, 1st Floor
One Schroeder Plaza 
Boston, MA 02120