Rideshare Safety

 How to Stay Safe When Riding with Uber

  • First, know what you’re getting. There are several levels of Uber drivers— the cheapest, UberX, is made of everyday citizens with a car and a driver’s license, while UberBlack, the company’s original service, consists of certified chauffeurs who have been licensed by the city, and is slightly more expensive.
  • UberX drivers use their own vehicles to provide rides. They are required to be at least 21 or 23 years old, depending on the city, have their own insurance, and a mid-size or full-size 4-door vehicle in excellent condition (according to Uber’s website).
  • When you book a ride, the app will send a confirmation text to riders with a photo of their driver, the license plate number of their Uber, and a description of the vehicle, so you know who to look for. When you see the vehicle, check the plate and the car’s make and model. You should also ask your driver their name, to be sure it matches the name you received in your confirmation text.
  • When you book a ride using the Uber app, and you receive a text confirmation that the driver is on his way, you are then able input your destination into the app and share that with anyone via text message. Friends are then able to watch your ride on a map in real-time, using the Uber app.
  • Riders should never get into an Uber car they didn’t order. Nor should they get into the Uber if any of the information they received in the confirmation text does not match up. 

Remember, if you have an emergency, or there is a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1 immediately.